Photo Editing Software for Mac OS X

 Photo Editing Software for Windows


Make your digital photos more attractive in an easy way !


1)  Collageshine Pro

Collageshine Pro gives you an easy way to make photo collage by adding your photo into different beautiful templates.

9 kind, more than 500 beautiful templates included.

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2)  Photo Blender

Photo Blender blends your photos on different background images  with soft edge transparency.

You can control the photo shape and edge transparency by applying different masks.

You can also add beautiful cliparts, cartoon images and frames to your work to make it more attractive.


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3) SketchMaster

Create  gray or color pencil sketch art work from your digital photo.

Adjust color, exposure and contrast to make the sketch work more attractive.


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4) Dreamlight

Dreamlight adds dreamy light effects to make photos more attractive

40 dreamy light effects included.


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5) Amazing Effects

Amazing Effects includes 138 amazing photo effects which turn digital photos into unique artistic looks creations.
It is easy to create impressive photos with Amazing Effects: load your photo, click to apply effects, that is all.


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6) Lomo Pro

Lomo Pro creates  Lomo like artworks from your digital photos to make your photo more attractive.

38 lomo styles included.


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7) MirrorPhoto

MirrorPhoto creates funny twins effect by making mirror of your photo.

Do you want to be one of the twins on photo? Do you want to add another yourself on photo? Try MirrorPhoto!


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8) AmazingEdge

AmazingEdge adds amazing soft edge effects to your photo.  140 kind of edge effects included.

You can also adjust the color of the edge effect, apply texture to the edge effect .


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